who is billy goforth

Billy is a web application developer and UI designer from Amarillo, Texas with a strong background in graphic design. After many years evolving with the ever changing web development industry, he has proven to be a brilliant designer and excellent developer. Billy has a long history of developing medium to large scale web properties and specializes in CMS (Content Management System) design and development as well as AngularJS web application development.

When it comes to CMS, Billy has experience with Joomla and Wordpress, but has the in-depth knowledge and experience developing large scale responsive websites using the popular open-source CMS Drupal. He started as a graphic designer back in the late 90s and built a strong background in logo and brand design, layout operations, and then began web design. Since beginning web design and development he has made it his mission to evolve with the ever changing web development landscape.

As those standards changed, so has his skill set. Now, he builds beautiful web brands that clients use to reach new clients, build followers, promote their brand, and even sell their products. He is well versed in responsive web design and can build pixel perfect web projects that match design layouts exactly.

In the AngularJS space, Billy develops large scale data driven web applications for the healthcare industry. The apps that he develops allow patients instant access to all aspects of their prescription and healthcare needs along with healthcare benefit information. Not only has he built these large scale web applications using the AngularJS framework and RESTful web services. He has also developed beautifully functional mobile applications using the IonicJS framework.

He has extensive experience building strong SEO (search engine optimization) for new and existing sites, PPC (pay per click) advertising using Google AdWords and social media advertising outlets, and all forms of digital marketing. He has developed content marketing campaigns that have helped clients reach new customers, grow their social following, and increase sales using their digital platform.

And, if you put a pen or brush in his hand, he is equally passionate.